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Monday, January 07, 2008
Piece of the puzzle?
A customer came in this morning and I asked how her New Year was and she said it was great, that she spent it with her 4 kids and 6 foster kids. So, I showed her my Christmas pic of Addy and told her I adopted her in August. I was making her change and she kept staring at the old fashioned pic of Addy from Feb and kept saying, I’ve seen her before, I know I have. I asked her if she went to the adoption Christmas party, no. She asked where she was born and I told her the hospital but that she was in a foster home since birth.

She said no, I had her! She got her as an emergency foster for a few days because the hospital couldn’t hold her any longer. (Which is true!) She couldn’t keep her as a permanent foster because they don’t like to put the kids in the same town as the family. She said that she only had her for 3-4 days and that she remembers her daughter running to Walmart and getting a bunch of clothes and onsies because all she came with was a receiving blanket and a onsie. She said that she returned the hospital id tags and everything BUT she takes pics of all her foster kids so she is going to go home and check her records to see if she took one of Addy. Incredible coincidence, huh?

I wrote down the date in 2005 for her and hopefully, she has something for me to help fill in the puzzle for Ad.
Blogger Maggie said...
That would be wonderful.

Blogger FosterMommy said...
That's so great!
We have had a couple babies straight from the hospital who only stayed a day or 2. And we remember all of them and still love them to this day. I would be psyched to be able to share pictures with their permanent family.