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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Christmas Pics

Christmas was fantastic this year! Addy learned "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", she knew that he was bringing her presents and every time she spotted a pic of Santa she would point him out. Christmas morning she opened a couple of gifts and that was it. She just wanted to start playing. I could've saved a lot of money had I known that, LOL. These are some of the pics I took for my Christmas cards.
Oh MY GOsh! If you click on the pic of Addy (to enlarge it) she has STARS in her eyes!!! What a beautiful little sweetie!!!!!!! yOU ARE bLESSED!!!!!!!!

Blogger Ahauna said...
Aw, thank you! I know we are.

Blogger Ahauna said...
OH WOW! That's so cool. I see what you mean. She literally does have stars in her eyes, LOL.

You have beautiful children! And the stars in her eyes are really pretty. You sure are blessed!! Great pics!