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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Update on sister
No change overnight as to the fire in her neighborhood. It's still being held off a few miles from her house and the winds have died down. They went to the kennel to check on the dogs last night and they are ok. Those people are so wonderful to take in the dogs for the evacuees. Then they had to go shopping for more clothes. They haven't been home since Monday and probably won't be let back in until the weekend.

Scary stuff. It's gotten hard to keep watching the news and seeing all the devastation. I'd rather just go online and get updates than to have to see it. After awhile, the images start to get to you, ya know?

Baby and I are still sick. I swear we haven't caught a break since she started daycare in March. Now DH and B have it, too. J is the only one who's escaped it so far.