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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Attachment, Daddy and a little Independence
We seem to have had a major step forward in the attachment with Daddy. The last few days Addy has done a complete turnaround. Last night, DH was laying on the couch watching the World Series (Go Sox!) and Addy brought over her toys and put them on his stomach and started playing with them and talking to him and they played together. It was incredible. She went to the store with him by herself and lately, when he leaves for work, she cries for him. It's definitely happening!

Another HUGE step happened last week. Usually, wherever I am that's where Addy is. I can't wash dishes without her standing there holding onto my leg the whole time. I can't read the newspaper in the morning while she watches tv without her being right on my lap instead of sitting next to me. She has a whole bunch of Littlest Pet Shop animals so I dragged out her Fisher Price dollhouse and farm and sat her on the floor and she just played BY HERSELF for a half hour. No crying for me to be there, no dragging everything over my lap - just played like any other littled toddler would. I know it sounds really insignificant but to me, it was a huge step toward independence.
Blogger Maggie said...
That doesn't sound insignificant at all! That's a huge attachment step. It shows she's starting to feel a bit more secure. Wonderful, wonderful progress!!

Glad to hear it's finally happening. It takes time but it SURE is worth waiting for!

Blogger Chelley said...
That is a huge moment! Def a red letter day!

I am so happy to hear that Daddy is getting some attenion too!!

Blogger Starfish said...
Wow that is amazing!!! See what a little love can do?! Wahoo!!

Blogger Esther said...
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