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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Attachment, Daddy and a little Independence
We seem to have had a major step forward in the attachment with Daddy. The last few days Addy has done a complete turnaround. Last night, DH was laying on the couch watching the World Series (Go Sox!) and Addy brought over her toys and put them on his stomach and started playing with them and talking to him and they played together. It was incredible. She went to the store with him by herself and lately, when he leaves for work, she cries for him. It's definitely happening!

Another HUGE step happened last week. Usually, wherever I am that's where Addy is. I can't wash dishes without her standing there holding onto my leg the whole time. I can't read the newspaper in the morning while she watches tv without her being right on my lap instead of sitting next to me. She has a whole bunch of Littlest Pet Shop animals so I dragged out her Fisher Price dollhouse and farm and sat her on the floor and she just played BY HERSELF for a half hour. No crying for me to be there, no dragging everything over my lap - just played like any other littled toddler would. I know it sounds really insignificant but to me, it was a huge step toward independence.
Potty training
Addy has started potty training at home and at school. In her group, there are 3 other girls who go on the potty so everytime they all go, Addy goes too. She's been successful once or twice there. Yesterday, she asked to go on the potty so I undressed her from the waist down and she got on and pooped! I made a big deal out of it and she got to put her sticker on the potty. Yay! We're on our way.
Back home and safe
My sister and her family are back home and safe. She said the lawn looks like an ashtray with all the ash. They said they felt like they were driving through a war zone on the way home between all the destruction on the ground and the planes flying overhead.

Her friend lost her home and the kids haven't even gone back to school and they've already learned that three of their friends' families lost their houses.

They had made plans to put their house on the market this year and move back here. Now I want them here more than ever.
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Update on sister
No change overnight as to the fire in her neighborhood. It's still being held off a few miles from her house and the winds have died down. They went to the kennel to check on the dogs last night and they are ok. Those people are so wonderful to take in the dogs for the evacuees. Then they had to go shopping for more clothes. They haven't been home since Monday and probably won't be let back in until the weekend.

Scary stuff. It's gotten hard to keep watching the news and seeing all the devastation. I'd rather just go online and get updates than to have to see it. After awhile, the images start to get to you, ya know?

Baby and I are still sick. I swear we haven't caught a break since she started daycare in March. Now DH and B have it, too. J is the only one who's escaped it so far.
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Update on CA fire
I've been checking online all day for my sister to get news about her neighborhood in Fallbrook. So far, it seems like her neighborhood is still standing but the fires are very close now. I found a wildfire map that keeps updating where the fires are and it is heading east toward her house, probably less than 2 or 3 miles and that, of course, could change in a matter of minutes or hours. In my mind, I can see all the beautiful farms and houses that are marked over with red which means they are under siege right now.

They are safe at a hotel in Murrietta. I just spoke with her and she was out shopping for clothes and pajamas for the kids. Please pray for her and all the others in CA that are living this hell on earth right now.
Monday, October 22, 2007
Prayers for California residents
I was home sick today and it turned out to be a good thing. My sister lives in San Diego county so we talked on and off all day as the fires got worse and worse and closer to her home. Things didn't seem bad at all this morning so she took her kids to school. One by one, she started to get calls from schools to pick the kids up. Her four year old was completely knocked face first to the ground from the high winds. She stayed home all day with the windows closed.

About an hour ago, they got the mandatory evacuation notice and they were on their way. Two adults, five kids, one big dog and one little dog. I've been on the phone trying to find them a hotel with no luck. They stopped at a Petsmart and got the name of a kennel that would take the dogs so that will give them a better shot of actually getting a hotel room tonight vs sleeping in their truck.

My heart breaks for all the people who have already lost their homes or pets or businesses. My prayers are with all of them and It's so hard being clear across the country from them and not being able to help. They literally left with the clothes on their backs. She was more concerned about getting all her documents, pictures and videos packed in. She figured they could always buy clothes wherever they end up.
Thursday, October 18, 2007
November is National Adoption Month
I'm going purple for the month...are you?

Thanks Maggie and Elle for the image.
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
More apple picking pics

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

This is what I'm talking about, LOL. I was trying to get a picture of the two of them but she wasn't having any of it. She's happy with him from a distance or from the safety of my arms.
Apple Picking

Every year we have a tradition of going apple picking with our friends, K&D and their 3 kids. Last year when we went, I couldn't help but think that next year, our daughter would be with us. We had five kids between us and only one of them was a girl. My goddaughter said to me last year that she couldn't wait to go apple picking with her "sister" next year. :) Fast forward a year, and here it is. What a great time we had....just made more special by the addition of Addy.