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Saturday, March 10, 2007
First Portraits

My friend and I took our girls to Sears this week for pictures. My house is decorated in the primitive, Little House on the Prairie style so I dressed Addy up in a dress and bonnet and took some antique toys and props with me. Oh My Gosh! One was cuter than the next. I ended up spending a ton of money that we don't have but how could I not get the pics. I'll post one where you can't see her face. After she's adopted, I'm going to post them all. She was such a doll, she loves having her picture taken and made it very easy for the photographer.
Blogger Starfish said...
How sweet! So glad everything continues to go well, especially that she is now bonding with daddy.

Blogger Angel said...
That is just precious. Angel

Blogger Maggie said...
She's a cutie! I'm glad things are going well.

What a cute picture!! It's good to hear that everything is going smoothly. I have been checking back frequently to see if there were any updates. Oh, by the way, Sears takes EXCELLENT pictures and we ALWAYS leave spending a TON of money. :)

Blogger Chelley said...
Oh wow!!!

That is just the most precious little baby!!!!

I was so exciting to log on and she your update!!
I hope that things keep going well

Blogger Esther said...
I love the photo & Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show as a kid ;o)

Congrats too on your choice to add to your family.

We are adopting too, so I recently started following your blog.
Best wishes.