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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Shopping...what a girl does best

I can't wait anymore - I've started shopping for her bedroom! I've decided to do her room in white and red toile. I found the bed set I want, I got her the scrapbook/photo album to match and I found a cute teddy bear to put on her bed.

We're finishing our basement for our older son right now, he'll have a bedroom, walk in closet and living area for his tv and videogames. Our daughter will go into his old room.

The same room I just repainted for the homestudy will be painted yet again but in white. I have the room all laid out in my head. White bedroom, twin bed, bureau, chest, my big dollhouse that my dad and grandfather made me when I was eight, a bookshelf and maybe a window seat where she can read - all accented in red toile.